Babs Paz

translator, Writer, and Teacher in Dedemsvaart, Netherlands

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My friends call me “Babs”, “Barbarella” or “Bar”. My last names are from Spanish origin and difficult to pronounce. Crossing borders is natural to me.

I’m a people-person. My work always orbited around people and communication in any type. By advertising, building relationships, connecting with all kinds of people. I am really good in empathy, unflappability, patience, positive attitude, self-control, walking an extra mile to find peace. Not so great in housekeeping and math.

I've got a Bachelor's degree in Language, Interpretation and Translation in English and Portuguese. I also speak Spanish and basic Dutch. Besides, I'm an eternal knowledge seeker, a lifelong learner. I love to travel and for that my language skills are very handy.

My side hustle is writing. I am proud to have a book over self-esteem and many magazine articles about hands experience to travelers published. Back in Brazil I was lucky enough to be a frequent guest on radio and tv talk shows. I love meeting new people and learning about their lives and their backgrounds. I'm an empath and I like making them feel comfortable with me. I found this skill was especially helpful when I worked in sales, but now I think it's time to move to the next step.

My beliefs: we are eternal souls in a temporary experience, born to improve as human beings and make the world a better place as co-creators. People who proudly declare that they are already the best version of themselves make me nervous. I love to learn something new and explore things for pleasure, like quantum jumping, metaphysics, another language. I can scuba dive, ride horses and dance tango. When I’m not writing stuff by day, cooking by the evening, with friends in a festival by the summer, traveling with my kids or by myself reading by the winter, I’m doing my best to help others find the same happiness and fulfillment that I’ve found in my heart. Italian food, Spanish movies, series & music are my guilty pleasure.

The racial miscegenation of my family includes all colors of skins. We are spread over Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Monaco and Brazil. So yeah, I've got a Latin flavor going on. I call the fairy-tale village of Dedemsvaart my adopted hometown. I've been building a new life for the last four years in The lovely Netherlands.

Hungry for more? Need some time? Wanna make magic together? Book me to chat. Absolutely need to send me an email? will reach me.

  • Education
    • Centro Universitario Estácio - Brazil
    • BMW Corporative University