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Barbara Young

I grew up in a small farming community in Minnesota. After obtaining a degree in Sociology, I attended a Travel College and entered the travel industry with the majority of years working for airlines. Promotions followed resulting in a Station Manager position. During some of these years I was also an Adjunct Faculty teacher for the Travel and Tourism degree program at a college. After moving to Florida, I became a public school teacher for 10 years. A grant funded program allowed me to obtain a Master of Education degree in Special Education. Currently, I am a high school special education teacher. in order to have time to work on a PhD in Education with research involving the education of adult prison inmates with disabilities. I am married with three adult children and reside in Orlando, FL. I enjoy reading and have volunteered working with two tigers. We are hands-on with them - hand feed, care for, play and sit with them. I also love buffalos, cheetahs, and snow leopards.