Barbara Z.

Chicago, Illinois

I graduated from Loyola University Chicago with Summa Cum Laude honors in three majors, and I continue to pursue intellectual integrity and growth.

Professionally, I obtained a Paralegal Certificate from an ABA approved school, Loyola University Chicago, with top honors as well. I am a productive, goal-oriented, and passionate individual that is driven toward pursuing excellence and continuous growth. I am a quick learner and am very self-motivated. I have a professional and diligent work ethic and enjoy interacting with clients.

My hope is to devote a long-term commitment to a place of employment that I can grow with and be challenged by. I graduated with an excellent academic grade record as an undergrad, and will apply this kind of drive to my professional endeavors as well.

Creatively, I enjoy reading books that help me gain access to an understanding of this tiny space of the universe that we inhabit and our purpose within it. I am extremely passionate about philosophy and history, and spend most of my free time lost in books related to those subjects. I am an ambitious dreamer, learner, go-getter, and writer and aim to uncover the true meaning of our being-in-the world which the journey of actual living unfolds.

  • Work
    • Cardinal Intellectual Property, Inc.
  • Education
    • Loyola University Chicago