Barb Ashcroft

Small Business Owner in Pacific, British Columbia, Canada

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Coming from a corporate background, Barb now uses the opposite approach. She uses Business and a business model to BUILD UP people, not the other way around.

Barb is a Resource Person, a GOTO person, a HUB for those who are looking for ways to positively Change their Normal. She is a resource for Personal Development (Law of Attraction and Personality Colour Profiles). Her wellness expertise is backed with over 30 years as a natural wellness advisor. She dispels the myths, and simplifies your choices to address your specific gaps that keep you from being your best. To DO WELL you have to BE WELL.. That can include helping you find a sense of community or ways to find new income streams.

So let's ask, "Do you need a HUB today?"

Contact Barb Ashcroft today, to get on your path to better health, plus personal and professional fulfillment. Changing Lives with Hope, Health and Humour.