Clayton Barbeau M.A., MFT

I authored "The Father of the Family" which has now reached its 54th year of being in print. My credentials for writing the work were my eight children, now eight adults. I am in private practice as a Marriage, Family Therapist, but most of my clients see me for personal psychotherapy. My service in the Korean War has proven useful in my counseling persons with PTSD. My novel, The Ikon, rooted in my combat experiences won the James D. Phelan Award in Literature. I retired from public speaking, but in one sixteen month period I had lectured in 33 American states and 24 countries. My website: The Ikon Press features DVD's of my PBS series "Creating Family" and of some of the public seminars on "Coping" , "Intimacy:The Loving Connection", and an eight DVD series on "Surviving". in widespread use in various hospitals, rehab programs, college classes.