James Barber


Having forged a successful career in television you may wonder why I decided to pack it all in to become a therapist. The truth is I have always been working in the field of therapy in some form or fashion. As a child my favourite time during the school day was playtime because I could talk with my friends about how they were feeling. For some reason unknown to me people seemed to open up to me. Equipped with strong intuitive skills I was able to make the connection between what my classmates were feeling and how this was influenced by the energy in their homes, and the relationships they had with their parents.

As I got older I became the friend to go to if guidance was needed. But it wasn't until I was working at the BBC that I began to think more seriously about pursuing a career as a therapist. To me working at the BBC was like finding the holy grail. Finally I had fulfilled my ambition of working for a top broadcaster. But it wasn't long until I started to feel that something was missing. As my TV dreams began to wither I found myself leaving work feeling empty and unfulfilled. I was searching for meaning and purpose not just a nice pay-check at the end of the month.

When I started practising as a trainee as part of my course I knew I was where I was supposed to be. I didn't know where it might lead me to but I knew I was being called to take up a new vocation.

Now, having worked with many people I have developed my own holistic style and technique as a therapist. When I work with people I always make it my intention to take clients to the heart of the matter, and support them in creating a life that is fully congruent with their deepest and most intimate goals. Whatever obstacles are presented to me, I use my personal style of therapy to awaken people to the possibility of becoming the highest, fullest, expression of themselves.

  • Work
    • trainee counsellor
  • Education
    • Diploma in Hypnotherapy