Barebi Hates Pink!!!! ^.^ Rose

Hello, I'm Rose and i live in a small town. I'm a girl with big time dreams of becoming a professional singer! *Facts* i have light brown hair and dark brown eyes. i am 5'1 (yes i know i am short lol). when i have free time i like to : Make music covers and youtube videos but also listen to music and read a book friends: well i have so many friends i love to get to meet new people every day and i think its just so much fun to get to know people out there so if you guys want you can follow me on facebook twitter or youtube and get to know me :) work: well im only 15 right now so i dont really have a job school : Well i go to this really small school because i live in a really small town hahaha but its not that bad you get to know every one. my favorite food/color/animal/drink/: Food: spaghetti Color: the rainbow *i love all the colors i could never pick one* Animal: Panda Drink: Monster energy drink Favorite shows: Well right now im into grey's anatomy, desperate housewives, Vampire Diaries. Favorite anime: XxxHolic,Bleach,Hell Girl,School Rumble,Vampire Knights my favorite band/singer is : well i have so many and its such a broad taste if i say so my self from rock to pop to classic to country ! :) Bands Are: Tokio Hotel, 30 Seconds To Mars, Bring Me The Horizon The Band Perry Pit Bull Belinda The Ready Set LMFO Lady Antebellum Adam Lambert Singers: Lady Gaga Gwen Stefani Belinda Christina Aguilera Kerli Pets ! : i Have 2 dogs one is a boxer pit bull mix and the other is a chiwawa two turtles and my pet gold fishes !!! So hope you guys got to know me a little bit more :) love you all take care !! bye -Rose