Barbara Mal


Yo! I am a one lame writer, event junkie, film intern, blogger, currently developing photography skills and sniffing fashion.

Name: Barbara M.

Nickname: Barbie (kinda ironical, because i don’t look like one)

Date of birth: 1992 07 02 Age: 21 (obviously)

Currently living: London

Nationality: Lithuanian

Hometown: Klaipeda

Siblings: Older brother (not always keen on admitting that we have the same blood)

Current occupation: Student, Production assistant, Curator, Blogger

University: The University Of The Arts London

Course: Media and Culture Studies

Work: Writer at art pit, Production assistant at Panacea Productions, Curator at Shoreditch Hype

Love: Dancing, Singing (in the shower - good ol' cliche ), Jazz, Boys, Guitar, Food and lots of it, Wine wif cheese, coffee, tea, Paris, Japan, sushi, movies, music, books, photography, psychology, cuddling, Andy Warhol, Audrey Hepburn, summer, Vladimir Nabokov, sea, Haruki Murakami, being sarcastic little fuck, sleeping, philosophy, Frédéric Beigbeder and perhaps few paragraphs of other stuff.

  • Education
    • Media and Cultural studies