Barb Lindgren

My excitement started with my own births which lead me to be trained as a natural childbirth educator for 21 years. with one of the original pioneering groups in the natural birth community. Over the years, my course content expanded-- as my continuing education and experience has grown-- such that I have recently affiliated with Brio Birth to better serve my students with an updated, evidence based curriculum that draws from many sources for content and inspiration. Brio Birth Childbirth classes offer the perfect mix of time-honored traditions and cutting edge research to empower 21st century moms to give birth with confidence.

What Does Brio Mean? brio n. \bre-o\: Fertile; Energy; Productive; Strong; Liveliness or Vigor; Spirit; Life

I am also a certified labor doula through Doulas of North America International (DONA). I serve the Lake County area in the Chicagoland area.

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