Barbora Balazikova

founder, Headhunter, and Artist in Prague, Czech Republic, Europe

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I love IT, technology, web and graphic design as well as mathematics, logic and quantum physics. I work as an IT headhunter based in Prague and have more than 8 years of exeprience within this area. I offer and manage to get better job/projects for IT specialists I am in touch with. I study IT during my free time as I am very interested in everything around it, such as AI, computer learning and vision.

I also provide hiring consultancy to startups, such as Liftago, EASYCORE, Skypicker (now, etc., and internally hire for a cool company called Angelcam - first app store for security cameras (computer vision, video analytics) -

I do not consider myself as a "sales woman" that is trying to sell everything. I can not sell what I do not believe in (especially when talking about IT roles within companies I cooperate with).

Currently, I am working on a global hiring marketplace called Robootek - an innovative system that should help companies to fill their positions (not only those in IT) and potential candidates to get their dream job, and another project, called LeetBerry - something like a (probably online and global) academy for IT developers :)

I love challenges and to develop my skills at all the time to become better in what I do and always welcome a reasonable feedback (even the cirticism).

And love sarcasm ;)

I created a page on Facebook as one of my social experiments regarding IT opportunities. Please, have a look and follow, if you like:

I am looking forward hearing from you :)


  • Work
    • Recberry s.r.o.
  • Education
    • Business Academy Slovakia
    • VSEM Prague | Marketing Management
    • CIW Web Design Management