barbra drizin

Started in the East Coast...from Philadelphia and then lived in Silicon Valley, Mexico, San Francisco, and now San Diego. My friends know me as optimistic, charismatic, adventurous, profound, entrepreneurial, fun (and funny), courageous, and generous of spirit. I relish long drives in the mountains with my sirius companions Howard and Frank. I love my apple computer, movies (esp. independent), learning, new adventures and the unfolding stories of people. I am fortunate to have had a variety of professional experiences including operating my own staffing and training company, directing a downtown association, being a principal of a private day school, managing international english language institutes, and teaching english in Mexico. Now, I work with entrepreneurs or individuals who are starting from scratch and who want to learn the basics of social media and create a rewarding and profitable business and life. The way I do this is by assessing where you are, ascertaining your vision, exploring your goals, and implementing it with you, step by step, using the opportunities of social media.