Anthony Barbuto

New York

I am from New York. Went to School at SUNT FArmingdale and in North Dakota. I worked in Aerospace for 13 yers and loved it.

Before that I worked on the Lunar Module that went to the moon...interesting. Space has been boring the lst 45 years. With the accomplishments of SpaceX, we now have viable rockets to get back into space. Dr Zubrin of The Mars Society has calculated how to do it......perhaps his Mars Society will pave the way...If you have not read his book,.."The CAse for Mars"..I suggest you do so.

Their web site,"The Mars Society" has many technical papsers all free to read on line.

I contacted my alma mata, asked UND to participate in the Mars fly by for 2014....I hope they submit their proposa to Mr Titto the forst space tourist and spnsor of Mars fly by.

  • Work
    • yes,...mostly Sales the last 44 years....thats eno
  • Education
    • BSBA University of ND, Aviation Admin