Barce Barcelon

I hope to see you guys on Friday, from 4:30 to 7:30, at Colayco Pavillion for the Miting de Avance, where I'll be presenting, among other things, my platform and my commitments to you for the next school year. :)

It is time for a change in the culture and in the way students are involved in their Sanggunian. If elected, I will offer results-oriented leadership, encourage the student body to play a more assertive role in their student government and attempt to lead our SOSE batch to a more active role in nation building.

S :: Student-oriented decisions
H :: Holding Efficient Meetings
A :: Academic Support
K :: Keeping constant Communication with the Batch
E :: Engaging Passions towards Nation Builiding

See my full platform by clicking on the link below! Also, feel free to contact me through twitter or through email (just hit Email Me, or send it to for any questions or concerns about my platform. Let's SHAKE things up!