Barcelona Day Tours

We love the city of the live and well then you have understood, Sunday 3000 is neither Euro 3000 on Sunday, or Sunday at 3000 per hour. No, to us, foodies, we like to take our time, we eat, and we appreciate it .

I present Granja Petitbò, a lovely brunch in the neighborhood of the Arc de Triomf. Yes, to do a little bit of glue, but usually that 's a good sign! For about 15 eurillos, this cozy place offers brunches on demand (yes, the buffet is not yet well developed in Barna, but hey, eggs emplatados with deluxe homemade potatoesare cool us too!

We cannot forget that planning a trip to barcelona day trips can be very exciting, and rightly so. After all, it is one of the most beautiful and fun cities on the planet. But there are some things you should know before visiting Barcelona. This not only helps to understand certain "strange" things in the city, but also to not make the same mistakes that most tourists end up doing. Here is a list of things you should know before going to Barcelona.

Barcelona is one of the few cities that you can visit throughout the year, for its good weather and little rain. However, visiting the city at the right time can completely transform your experience. Try to visit Barcelona in early spring and if you can not do it, come between late September and early October. The worst time to visit Barcelona? August. It is peak season, of course. The local touch is replaced by hundreds of thousands of Asians, Italians, Germans, British, Americans and French.

And the most special dish and barcelona sightseeing is las "tapas", you have to know that a small place with a long history ( opened in 1945 ) but with a very short letter . No more is needed , anchovies, fried fish and some wine of La Plata well worth the visit. It is perfect for the lunch or dinner appetizer . Your tomato salad with onion is famous all over Barcelona. Not much more to say except that so few square meters never gave much happiness .