Barclay Braden, PhD

Psychologist and Writer in Ocala, Florida

Barclay Braden, PhD

Psychologist and Writer in Ocala, Florida

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Faith at Hand: Finding My Way to Depth Journaling, now available as an e-book and in paperback on Amazon. Read the story of how one simple self-inquiry tool...writing with my other hand...changed my perspective and changed my life.

A traditionally trained psychologist, extensively educated in the prevailing paradigms of my era -- with a BA from Stanford, two MA degrees from NYU, plus another masters and doctorate from the Derner Institute -- I was firmly grounded in observable, tangible reality. The last thing I ever expected to discover was an undoubtable inner voice from some deep, mysterious, invisible realm. Some Unreal World. In graduate school auditory hallucinations were considered telltale evidence of a thought disorder -- just plain crazy.

Yearning for greater clarity and direction, longing for deeper dialogue about big life questions, searching for the comfort and wisdom of my own live-in therapist, I tried writing a question with my regular right hand. Then, with my other hand, while listening quietly, I allowed the answer to emerge. I was astounded to find an unexpected voice of encouragement and fresh understanding.

After more than twenty years of written dialogue with the non-dominant hand, it has become the cornerstone tool in my Depth Journaling™ practice. I've found this technique of neuro-activation -- engaging a more extensive network of brain circuitry in both hemispheres, by writing with both hands -- can stimulate a dramatic shift in personal consciousness.

Try it. At hand lies the treasure of deeper intuitive wisdom.

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