Mike Barclay

Mike is what is now considered a millenial. He's an expert social media mind, a talented musican, a fantastic promoter/producer, an outgoing networker and a gifted (although extremely opinionated) journalist.

He's been involved in producing and promoting many concerts ranging from local Utah bands to national touring acts with Rock Star Shows. Names like 311, Dashboard Confessional, The Fray, OneRepublic, Paramore and Jimmy Eat World are among just a few of the concerts that he's been involved with.

His interest in nonprofit work began with a concert entitled Candlelight Serenade in Utah that benefited Child Rescue (a nonprofit with a goal of fighting child slavery in America) and branched out from that point. Any non-profit that is looking for social media/fundraising support should contact him for help.

Mike's true talent lies in his networking, and more specifically his social media skills. Applied to his desire for the greater good it's become a valuable weapon in his endeavors and projects. Eventually he wants to add graphic and web design to his bag of tricks, and really boost his ability to help small and medium sized business as well as more nonprofits.

Aside from working all the time, Mike enjoys blogging (sporadically), writing music, playing his guitar, following hockey and football and reading. It's not ALL work and no play...otherwise he'd probably go insane.

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