Bård Frode Rønningen

Worked with IT development in one form or another for the last 20 years. Helped found 2 companies, still working in the last one as R&D manager.

The last 10+ years have had me traveling back and forth between Europe and the US, but at the moment living full time in Belgrade Serbia, where I oversee development and help smoothing out problems you normally get when developing in different countries.

Grew up in Drammen, Norway, where I also graduated High school. After 3 years at Ostfold College I worked 1 year in Drammen County IT department before packing up and moving to the US.

I stayed there 15 years, and have 2 kids still living there that I think of every day.

In my spare time (what little there is) I dream of getting back into roleplaying and/or fishing. Unfortunately I suffer from it only being 24 hours to a day.

Specialities: Problem solving, Ability to see things from different perspectives, Easy to interact with, Forward thinking.

(Picture taken from our office in Belgrade)