barefoot rebel

I am a young mother who is trying to find my place in this world. My son is my life. He saved my life, and he's taught me more about myself than anyone ever has. I've got this mom thing down pretty well, but I'm still learning. (and always will be!)

I love food. Healthy foods, unhealthy foods, desserts, snacks, all meals. Y'know... anything food related.

I am a Christian, but not a perfect one, and DEFINITELY not a closed minded one. I will respect your beliefs if you can respect mine.

I'm an animal lover. I'll probably rescue a ton before my time on earth is over. I also have some forever pets that I'll never be able to part with.

I heart writing. I'm not the best, but it's a very relieving pastime for me. I want to become a more skilled writer, and what better way than to start a blog?

I have a pretty serious relationship going with my gym. It's a great stress reliever and helps my mental health. I have depression & anxiety, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. (because others need to know they are not alone.) I'm not in it to get skinny, I'm in it to get happy.

I am perfectly flawed, and I'm not caring what you don't like about it. I'm pierced, I'm tattooed, I sometimes have a potty mouth. I'm fun, I'm smart, and I also have a big heart. I'm pro-life, pro-pit, pro-equality-- and, obviously pro-breastfeeding. I'm fat, funny, & fabulously flawed.