Matthew Medina

Woodinville, WA

I'm a self published author, and a content game designer at Arenanet, working on designing gameplay encounters and narrative for the innovative MMO Guild Wars 2. I've been in the computer and video game industry for over 20 years, and in that time I've worn just about every hat one can wear, from QA tester all the way up through project manager. I recently marked my eleventh year at Arenanet.

I'm married to a licensed massage practitioner, and father to a wonderful nine year old boy and we have a home in rural Woodinville, Washington. I go barefoot everywhere I can year round, and am very active in advocating for the acceptance of barefooting as a viable lifestyle choice. I don't believe in gods, and I enjoy challenging traditions, beliefs and dogma as well as debating with others. Politically, I am a progressive liberal and I strongly support equality for all and a strong social safety net.

I grew up in Concord, California, and moved to the Seattle area in 1991 to attend the Art Institute, where I graduated with an AA degree in Visual Communications. Although part of me will always feel nostalgic about my time in California, I now consider this my home. When I get time, I love to draw and paint and I have recently completed my first novel, entitled Bloodfire, which you can purchase at the Amazon link below. I read vociferously, mostly nonfiction or sci-fi and fantasy. I play computer and video games of course, and have collectively logged hundreds of thousands of hours in a wide range of virtual worlds over the years. I also read science journals, and I enjoy outdoor activities such as biking, hiking and running...all barefoot of course.

  • Work
    • ArenaNet
  • Education
    • Art Institute of Seattle