Barefoot Music

Oregon USA

Admittedly I might be a slightly repressed disc jockey. But, shhh,.. please do not tell anyone.

I have been a vocalist since before I could actually speak my parenst always said. Song being my first language.

If I am that repressed person than my program would not be specific enough in genres that I am certain the station owners, programmers, producers, and advertizes would not be happy about me representing their interests. They also might not appreciate me doing so in my bare feet.

For me music and me being bare foot go hand in hand. Or maybe that would be foot in foot.

I also have a tendency to go rebel on occasion. Being told I cannot play a particular tune or piece of music I think should be heard goes a long way to why I have created this site.

With my repressed desire to play music for other people and to discuss every nuance about music I hope you will find a reason to keep coming back.

Let us chat about why a certain song resonates inside you.

Tell me about it, I'd love to know. ~

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    • Freelance Writer & Public Relatons Manager
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