stan marsh 🍔

hey im stan welcome to the pit

im 13 years old nd i live in the us. my birthday is 4/20/2002 (im not even kidding)

im dating shaden @irlbilbo and my best friend is craig @octoroks

im mentally ill. i have self dxd bpd and professionally dxd chronic depression, gad, and dmdd (disruptive mood disregulation disorder).

i am physically abled, allistic, non-intersex, and white. please tell me privately if i do/say anything out of line, and dont namedrop/vague me since those are huge fears of mine.

im fictionkin to cope with identity issues. please dont follow me if we share kins, even minor ones. it makes me extremely uncomfortable and can even cause me to disassociate

🔪not kin, me🔪

•stan marsh (south park)

🔪major kin🔪

•alfred f jones/america (hetalia)

•shinji ikari (neon genesis evangelion)

•marshal lee (adventure time)

uhh i think thats it!! dm me "flowey did nothing wrong" so i know u read this