Barista Bot


GE has always had a serious commitment to technology and the opportunity to connect technology, people, and machines at SXSW was one they couldn't pass up. It's why GE commissioned the Barista Bots. At SXSW we had an opportunity for consumers to experience first hand the brilliance behind machines at work in the world and have a truly artisan cup of Tonx coffee.

The Barista Bots were a collaborative effort by RockPaperRobot, Hypersonic, Jamie Zigelbaum, and Kyle McDonald. Utilizing a simple web cam the Barista Bot takes real time data and transforms your face into a frothy portrait, through custom facial detection software developed in openFrameworks.

Our Brooklyn based collective is made up of TED fellows, MIT alumni, internationally known artists, architects, designers, and makers.

The heart of our work and collective is creating and redefining objects and data into expressive, artful, and sometimes quirky objects that show the world in new ways - it's why GE came to us. From levitating tables and kinetic sculptures, to interactive store displays and pixelated masterpieces, there is no other group with such diverse and expert skills.