Barista Buzz


People love their coffee, and at Barista Buzz we understand the importance of a good tasting early morning coffee, before going to work and dealing with all the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The taste of your coffee will highly depend on the barista, and the barista is sometimes overlooked by people.

Barista Buzz will confirm for you that a barista is not just a person that simply makes a cup of coffee, but is the person responsible for not only a coffee that tastes great and is well appreciated, but also is well presented and made to your specific requirements and needs.

Aspiring baristas cannot just choose to suddenly apply and become hired. They would have to go through some lessons, study the right courses and obtain qualifications, before they would actually be given a chance to be hired at their local coffee shop.

Barista Buzz will be the hub for you to become that aspiring barista that can learn to become the best provider to those coffee drinkers all over Australia, who need a coffee fix!