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CBD College Barista Training Newcastle

Accredited Barista Courses & Certifications in Newcastle/Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane. Barista Basics is $120 and is 3 hours in duration.

It is a 3-hour barista experience that actually teaches you how to identify all the key variables that go into making espresso-based coffee then moves on to instruct you on putting all of those variables together at speed to make excellent finished coffees.

The key variables that go into making espresso-based coffee:

Among other things;

* using fresh coffee

* using the right amount of coffee

* using the right particle size (grind of the coffee)

* using the right group handle

* tamping correctly

* having the right programming on the volumetric keypads on the espresso machine, therefore getting the right

* volume of espresso

* using the correct drinking vessel to pour

* using the correct milk texturing techniques

* executing the pour properly and promptly after extracting the espresso

* presenting the finished coffees properly

* using a clean espresso machine/grinder with the right temperature and pressure

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Phone : 1300 653 027

Phone : 1300 659 572

Newcastle Location:

Level 2, 376 Hunter Street,

Newcastle, NSW, 2300 (opp new law courts)