Ashley Barker


The year was 1989, I was 7 years old. It was a cold, dark, winter evening in the Perth hills. FINALLY I had been given my first soldering iron and I was totally, completely and madly in love. After the initial burns, screams and talk of “I told you he was too young” I set upon a personal mission to rewire everything and anything. Many alarm clocks and toasters later I began building things. Train sets, Tesla coils and everything in between. Almost every waking hour was spent building and programming. This set the stage for my adult career.

In 2004 I graduated from Curtin University with a degree in applied physics. Why applied physics and not electrical engineering? Physics is far more fun and I really love to have a good time with anything I’m working on.

After my studies I went in partnership with a mining equipment supplier. Together we built some terrific down hole equipment. I wore many hats during this time and I learnt to be a multi-linguist, I speak fluent ‘geek’, ‘marketer’, ‘editor’, ‘designer’, ‘trainer’, ‘salesperson’ and ‘difficult client’. I also learnt how to function at 100% capacity after only 2 hours sleep.

From there I joined forces with a university colleague, Mr Anthony O'Brien. We started a technical consulting company specializing in the difficult and awkward problems faced by industry. The company flourished and many companies have spun out of the opportunities experienced in this venture. Including Radiation Professionals, ProbeLogic and more recently Petritek. Much of the technology we have developed has become the industry standard and is used throughout the world. As these companies flourished I managed to catch up on some of the much needed sleep. Until my daughter was born in 2011 – NO SLEEP SINCE.

Every day is different, there are so many new and exciting things to learn. I absolutely love what I do and I always look forward to the opportunity that tomorrow will hold. Please don't hesitate to contact me and discuss an opportunity.

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