Barnaby Hands

Student in Colchester, United Kingdom

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Hi, I'm Barnaby, a student at the University of Essex who is originally from East Anglia. My interests include politics and history.

I am passionate about football, particularly fan culture, fighting for the right to stand at games, the right to use pyrotechnics (such as flares and smoke bombs) and the right to assemble as independent supporter groups, including Ultras groups. My involvement in these causes have lead me to attend matches from as far afield as Canada and Bulgaria, whilst also meeting some of the most notorious ultras groups (such as AEK Athens' Gate 21 and Dinamo Zagreb's Bad Blue Boys) and gaining an insight into the life of working class Eastern European hooliganism.

In the world of sports, I currently play on my University's handball team, and previously played football for Dersingham Rovers and Pakefield, and played on the pitch at Carrow Road for my Primary School's football team. I also qualified as a referee in 2011 and was a match official with the Norfolk FA until 2016. I have additionally participated in Skiing, Judo and Gymnastics competitions, and won a silver medal in a Slalom competition in Italy.

Outside of sports I enjoy hiking and travelling, having visited over 20 countries on 3 continents already, and plan to visit many more in the coming years. I have a particular interest in the culture of Russia, and have learnt to read the read the Cyrillic alphabet, as well as Norway, which I visited in 2015 and have begun to learn the language. Part of my love of Norway stems from my favourite band, the Kaizers Orchestra, who come from West Norway and sign in Norwegian. My favourite albums by them are the Violeta, Violeta trilogy, a group of concept albums centred around the chaotic life of a girl called Violeta.

I enjoy all types of music, but I particularly enjoy folk metal music and pop-punk. My favourite artists include Amon Amarth, Arkona and Týr. I also have a particular fondness of other types of rock music, Irish folk music and country.

My interest in politics brought me into a hobby called micronationalism, where I created my own nation (of sorts) called Senya which has given me opportunities to meet people from across the world, in addition to running the Micronational Football Association (MFA), where I have gained crucial leadership skills, in addition to being an executive at the FMF and a councillor for the Micronational Cartography Society (MCS).

  • Education
    • Reepham High School
    • University of Essex