Owen Barnes

Dublin, Ireland.

First and foremost, my name is Owen Barnes and I am an Irishman. Born in Cork during the winter of 1992, I have striven to make my impact in this world in every which way. I love theatre, film & TV, history, politics, philosophy, and social psychology. I am also fascinated by the power that the internet and its related progeny have harnessed in our society in such a short space of time.

As a result of this position of inquiry, I am currently working as a digital marketing intern with National College of Ireland. The role includes an educational scholarship on the part-time Msc in Marketing postgraduate course at NCI. I also work as the digital marketing manager of Decadent Theatre Company.

In my career thus far I have been involved in the management, implementation and coordination of traditional and digital communications, marketing, and PR campaigns. In these positions, I have been responsible for the programme management of content creation, localisation, publishing, and promotion of content and collateral, in collaboration with global and local markets, media, clients and affiliate groups.

I'm also not a massive workhorse, I enjoy many other things.

  • Work
    • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Education
    • Trinity College Dublin
    • University of Manchester
    • National College of Ireland