John Barnum

John Barnum is an undergaduate student at American University, studing and majoring in both international relations and journalism.

Lone Ranger: After a quarter-century in the journalistic shadows, Murray Waas is getting his day in the sun.The freelance investigative reporter has racked up a series of scoops. He's been cited by New York Times columnists Frank Rich and Paul Krugman. And New York University journalism professor Jay Rosen calls Muray Waas the new Bob Woodward.

Ten days ago, Waas broke the story of I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby saying Vice President Cheney had authorized him to leak classified information about Iraq in 2003. Waas is intense, speaks just above a whisper, and has a knack for prying information out of prosecutors, as he did during Kenneth Starr's probe of Bill Clinton. Murray Waas was a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 1993, with along with Douglas Frantz, Waas won a Goldsmith Prize for reporting on clandestine U.S. efforts in Iraq. It was the second time that Douglas Frantz and Murray Waas won the Goldsmith Prize for much the same work.