Baroda Agro Chemicals

Baroda Agro Chemicals Limited (BACL) was incorporated in 1996 and created small pesticides formulation unit near Baroda with a capacity of 2 KL per day EC formulation and packing.

Now, with 17 years of experience, in the year 2012, BACL have Pesticides formulation and packing facilities with more than 150 KL/MT capacity per day with wide range of formulations, two units producing only Insecticides, Fungicides, Bio-fertilizers etc. and two more units of their associate Company RAVI PLANT BIOTECHNOLOGIES LTD (RPBL) producing only Herbicides.

The Company is in to Contract Manufacturing Business only exclusively with a good list of customers who are global leaders in their business.

The Company can produce almost all the formulation, taking from the oldest formulation like Emulsifiable Concentrates (EC), Dusting Powders (DP), Granules (G), Wettable Powders (WP) / Soluble Powders (SP), to modern formulations like Suspension Concentrates (SC) / Flowables Slurries (FS) , Water Disbursable Granules (WDG) / Dry Flowables (DF) / Soluble Granules (SG) and the latest formulation like Micro Encapsulation Suspension (CS).

The Company can also pack these products in to all types and sizes of packs like HDPE bottles, PET bottles, TIN Containers, Aluminium Containers, Different types of pouches including Water Soluble Pouches from 1 gram, 5 Grams, to 200 Litres.

The Company has most modern Quality Control Laboratory with equipment like GCs, HPLCs, Particle Size Analyzer, Viscosity Meter, Microscope, etc.

The Company also has a latest Formulation Development Facility, where in any type of formulations can be developed and produce samples from as small as 100 Grams to pilot scale quantities like 50 Kgs for field trials.

The Company has more than 200 Formulations Registrations for manufacturing and sales in India whose list is available on this site.

The Company has a strong team of Leaders and Executives for running different departments of the business like Technology, Developments, Production, Quality Control, Commercial, Human Resource etc. numbering close to 100 persons. All these people are qualified and trained for the activity they handle. Most of these people are associated with the Company for long time and some of them are as long as since inception of the Company.