Barreca Blacktop Sealcoating

Barrington, Illinois, US

Barreca Blacktop Sealcoating helps individuals and companies to protect their pavement and parking lots with sealcoating. When applied correctly, sealcoating shields asphalt from the oils and gasses that break down and destroy it. The process also guards against other damaging elements, such as the sun, the freeze-thaw cycle, and water penetration. Over the last 25 years, customers have come to rely on Barreca Blacktop Sealcoating to protect and beautify their pavement.

Barreca has grown into the nation’s largest residential sealcoating service. Whether it is performing sealcoating, pavement restoration, or asphalt-related repairs, the company and its employees take pride in supplying high-quality service. While some companies rely on subcontractors, Barreca’s sealing projects are performed by its experienced crew. The company also uses the highest quality sealants and materials. As a result, its regular customers include shopping centers, private residential developments, franchises, management companies, and industrial and commercial lots.

Based outside Chicago, IL, the company’s service radius extends to southern Wisconsin and northern Indiana.