Barrett Caldwell

Williamsburg, Virginia

Priorities bring "structure" to my abundantly spontaneous choice of lifestyle, yet I balance it with the job I signed up for--serving in the US Coast Guard. These priorities typically revolve around Setting off to Explore somewhere New, Creating Excitement to Fuel Others, Doing the Things when people say, "You'd Never Do that", Defining Spontaneity When the World Tries to Put Me on a Schedule, Reaching out to Make Others Feel Valued, Living a Life that Others see as Different because I find Freedom in The Lord who has saved me, Pushing Others to Try Something New, Finding the Fun in ANY Situation, Not Taking Life as Serious as the World Tells me I Should, Talking to Strangers, Being Adamant about Not Conforming to The Pressures of this World, Staying Young in a Society that Screams for me to Grow Up, Doing Something No One Else Would Do, and Embarking on Adventures both Near and Far. My life is Fueled by Others.

  • Work
    • U.S. Coast Guard
  • Education
    • Wando High School
    • Clemson University