Barrett Young

Barrett Young

1. Barrett's quaff actually has a gravitational pull.

2. Barrett's sense of style us unique to only him, making him own the style that is often referred to as "The Barrett"

3. Barrett's dance moves actually massage the earth to a tender state causing argriculture growth to skyrocket whenever he hears a funky beat.

4. Put Barrett in front of a group of screaming childern and they will listen like he was holding a poptart on the end of a string, because he's cool enough to have poptarts.

5. Barrett can make any pair of sunglasses look good.

6. Barrett can't walk on water, but he can drink more beer than you.

7. When Barrett looks into your eyes, your heart beats faster releasing more endorphines throughout your body, ultimately making the world a happier place one staring contest at a time.