Barrett Adair

I'm a sixteen-year-old in high school, and until about a year ago, my life was limited to the tiny Southern town that I live in and the small amount of people here. Then I started taking advantage of the internet and what it had to offer. I joined several social networking sites, and most importantly YouTube, where I immediately fell in love with making short vlogs with my friends. In February of 2011, I started two new channels, one for daily vlogs and one for comedic skits and more scripted content. I'm most grateful in life for what the internet has done for me, because my life has become much bigger than the place I live in and the people I know. Every viewer, and every follower is as important to me as myself. My biggest inspiration in all aspects of my life is ShayCarl, and I hope one day I can be as much like him as possible. I'm going to keep up with the content I've been posting, and do whatever it takes to make this part of my daily life for years to come.