Barrie Machin

I am a child of the blitz and my response to this experience was to spend a large part of my life trying to find means to improve cross-cultural understanding naively, maybe, I thought that education was a key to reducing conflict. Banning the arms trade might be better but education really matters. I taught and lectured in social anthropology for many years and carried out many years of field research in Britain, Greece, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Brazil and Australia. I pioneered single system super 8 and all high-end domestic video cameras. The result is a unique set of historic ethnographic videos.

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Father fieldworker filmmaker, artist, Dental surgeon, actor, teacher of social anthropology. Major fieldwork in Crete, Sri Lanka, India, Brazil, UK.

  • Education
    • Westcliff High School for Boys
    • Linacre College, Oxford