Barrie Brown

I am a photojournalist now based in Bangkok, Thailand. I have done a wide range of photography over the years ranging from weddings and portraiture, model comp cards and books to travel and cultural photoessays for airline magazines, geographic magazines and newspapers.

A lot of my work currently involves fashion and glamour portraiture and model shoots for comp cards and books. I now shoot exclusively using digital cameras - the Canon 1Ds Mark III being my main camera. This means that files are very large and capable of very high levels of enlargment. Some of my travel work is on my website at:

and some work from swimwear shoots can be seen at:

In these times of "citizen journalists" I need to stress that no material is offered just for the thrill of seeing it published, and no material can be published without the granting of specific rights to the publisher by the photographer in an official invoice.

I continue to do stories related to culture, particularly where those cultures are endangered and make these available by direct contact with editors with a link to an internet page where high quality jpeg and tif files are available for download.

I have an interest in multimedia productions made from interviews and still photography. Although I use high speed sequences to establish video-like segments in multimedia presentations, I do not shoot video as part of these sequences and exclusively shoot still photographs in the development of these presentations.