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Barrrington Gates

I am a inventor. I create writings, music, art, arguments, and laughter. I bring people together with my soul's frequency. I don't know the meaning of don't. Really, I don't. :^p I enjoy learning. I believe in the computing mind; new data in / old data out. I have loved, been in love, fell out of love, hated myself, and have hated others. I love life and hate no one. I wish to be taught, and I do not wish to unlearn what I have experienced. I will never be the same yet I am who I will always be from this point on. A work in progress with the spell check on. I don't expect from anyone any longer. I only expect that I will do what is best for me. I hope others will do what is best for them. I believe if we all take good care of ourselves, we then have the ability to care for others. I will. I will not. I have. I have not. I did. I should have. I could have. I would not. Now I half what I have to give more to what is before me. Love yourself.