Bay Area CA

Barritz™ was born in Cook County, Illinois just south of Chicago. He was raised in the South Bay Area, California; moving to Da Kronfield in Milpitas just north of San Jose. Barritz™ was always drawn to a plethora of music, from rap and funk, to Motown, reggae and rock. A connoisseur of beats and lyrics, Barritz™ finds ways to incorporate all parts of the musical spectrum into his work. Barritz™ eats, sleeps and breathes the West Coast. A musician and entrepreneur, Barritz™ released his debut album, “The Cadillac Man,” a ride through the streets and dreams of the Bay Area early in 2010 on Brainz Blown Recordz™. Barritz™ has since formed a group of musicians dubbed The Lacz™ who have been working on their self-titled debut album to be released in 2014. Alongside it will be Barritz’™ follow-up project, self-titled as well, released as a double-album entitled “Barritz & The Lacz.” Barritz™ is influenced by the everyday intricacies of life, the apex and the nadir; and tells stories of The Bay experience. From the daily grind to endless nights at the club, from the vivid imagery of female tales through the journey of life itself, Barritz™ is an analog note in a digital world—one that can never be completely recreated.

  • Work
    • Entrepreneur
  • Education
    • California State University, East Bay
    • MBA - Management