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Artist and Designer in Barcelona, España

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Cédric Duarri D’Haene, also known as Barruf, is a self-taught artist born in Barcelona. He didn’t think about art until 2012, after experiencing surrealistic moments in his life. Barruf defines himself as a person with personal and artistic curiosities that are practically insatiable; and perceives art as an inner need: to express, communicate, understand himself and create.

Since childhood, Cedric has felt a strong bond with nature and animals; this passion led him to study Biology. This interest is evident in his illustrations, where animals are often protagonists.

In his works, Barruf experiments and feels comfortable in different styles and techniques, both traditional and digital; however illustration is his most frequent artistic expression, and traditional pen (nib traditional) his preferred tool. He often seeks in his works for detail but doesn’t pretend to ever find himself in realisms or hyperrealisms, but rather in natural forms and sensations, and if possible with a touch of humor or reflection.

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