Barry Nicolaou

Sydney, Nsw Australia

There’s a story about two stray dogs walking into a tent at nearby circus. Each dog went into the tent separately and an old man sitting on a park bench observed something that caught his attention. The first dog went and within a few short minutes came out frothing at the mouth, teeth gnashing and ready to devour anything that came his way. The second dog went in and came out quiet differently. This dog came out calm, poised and almost happy. It then proceeded to walk and lie beneath a nearby maple tree and went to sleep without a care in the world.

The old man, perplexed by the situation went and had a closer look at this seemingly normal tent the two dogs walked into. He found to his amazement a house of mirrors. The first dog went in and saw a projection of himself. The happy, calm and docile dog also saw his own projection.

Understaing and living the mirror philosophy can change your world in an instant.

People rarley get "lucky" in life. They work hard, know how to inspire themselves and others while offering the best service they can through gratitude, passion and Indsutry knowledge.

We make informed decisions everyday. Sometimes we experience success and more often than not, failure. Obstacles are there as teachers to guide us into greater hemispheres of learning and doing while separating those with a deep desire for success to those who only have the courage to act when all the conditions are right. Note to self: The conditions are almost never right.

The challenge also lies in the fact that we can make no mistakes and still lose. The answer to many of life’s challenges comes down to our persistence to finding another way around our obstacles – to make this part of our everyday thinking and to constantly challenge the status quo to further develop our problem solving mind-set.

Once we make a clear decision on our state of mind, no challenge is too large – our ability to get where we want to be is well within our capabilities. The few among us who believe and live this ethos accomplish their desires - while to others, it seems we got “lucky”.

With a range of Customer Service inspired seminars, Barry is the presenter of the successful and empowering "The 11 Master Secrets to Business Success and Personal Fulfillment" seminar for sales staff and business owners.