Barry Lamont


I was raised in the small fishing/mining village of Dysart on the east coast of Scotland. I never fitted in with the 'fitba' crowd and thought for some time that there must be something wrong with me. Well, as it turns out, I was right...I'm an Artist.

I specialize in stone carving/sculpture...

The majority of art-forms and creative enterprises involve the addition of material to a base..graphite to paper, oil to canvas, clay to wire etc. Carving however, turns that whole principal on its head. It is only through the removal of material and effectively the destruction of a piece of material which produces the piece of art. It's the ironic and paradoxical act of creation through destruction which draws me to this form of art. This is also a main theme running throughout my work.

I love music! It has dominated a large part of my life. I have played in a few bands over the years, originally playing bass but eventually turning my hand to anything that makes a noise. This includes drums, cello, clarinet and digital sequencers.. or squeakuencers as I like to call them. I have recently been producing at home. There are alot less arguments this way..but you just can't beat playing live with like minded people!

Please check out my work on "fine art america".. link below

Background Image.. "The Slime From Your Video"..copyright B.Lamont 2014

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