Barry Qi

I think the most important thing to remember is to never let something someone says get you down, because the reason you get hurt is because you care about what they say.

My first memory of school was when i recognized someone from church in my class.

My 4th and 6th grade math teacher had the largest impact. My 4th grade teacher made learning fun for me, like for every social studies unit we would play a game related to the topic. My 6th grade teacher made we feel like I stood out in a good way.

My first friend was someone I met in pre-school, but we didn't do much, just talk to each other a lot. Every year I would make a few more friends, and then talk to each other. Nowadays, my old friends don't interact with each other or me much.

I never really saw any bullying in this community. I treated people the way they treated others. If someone was nice to me I'd try to be nice back.

My parents are both investors and work at home. My dad is serious about education, although my mom is hard to tell with. She doesn't take it all to seriously but she still says just to get good grades. My brother is going to UCSD to study Math-Econ. in a few weeks. My sister is 3 and started pre-school.

My dad's parents didn't talk much, but they set an example instead. My dad just to "Work and study hard." This is important to do because it can affect your future.

I am cheerful and love to just play around. In life I learned that I enjoyed learning, something that wasn't my thing in the first few years of school.

What I would wish to do better about myself is to not get frustrated easily. I can start killing time and that turns my work into a mess.

Getting along with others is really hard sometimes. If they like to take full control or none at all, they are just very hard to deal with. Liars are the worst of all though. They can mess things up for you (projects). If they like taking control, you have to kind of force other peoples' ideas in. If they do nothing you have to learn to be responsible. If they lie about doing part of a project, you have to work with it.

My goal in middle school is just to try my best and see the results of what happens.

During high school, I want to challenge myself. After high school I'm not sure what I want to study in college.

I plan on getting to these goals by simply trying hard and studying smart.