Barry Brackett

Having worked in Banking and IT for 30 years (half of that in Asia), I am now living the quiet life (if that's possible in Bangkok!), enjoying my movies, and music video collections on the Home Theatre System which took me many many years to build. I also play video games on the XBox360 and PS3.

I try to keep myself in shape by bodybuilding, but unless I train every day, it's easy to find excuses to slow down and stop. That's when my hobby of cooking becomes more of a vice than a hobby!

Evenings are either spent out on the town, or in with friends playing games, making (and drinking!) cocktails, and reminiscing over old songs in the music video collection.

Old movies and old music these days bring tears to my eyes, far more often than they used to. Guess I'm getting old, better get back into the gym!