Barry Harley

Reston, VA

Norman Barrington Harley, (yes! For real!) has been in the forefront of the design field for more than 20 years. The founder of Terragenesis –now Eych2- graduated from the International Fine Arts College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and one heck of a tan. In addition to running the company, he has also been its creative director since 2001. Barry oversees projects ranging from branding collateral and web design to e-commerce and web presence. He worked with the M Group Architects outside DC to refine their brand and successfully launch their new website. He has also applied his expertise in graphic design and web design for Pope Entertainment out of Miami.

Eych2 (as Terragenesis) has won several prestigious American Graphic Design Awards, (one of the world’s largest design competitions), including two in 2010 for its work on the Paul Wharton Style website and the SharperCut Landscapes rebranding project. In 2009, the company won yet another award for the creation a green graphic design for Ecocentric Energy Solutions. Not only is Barry a graphic design master, he is also an accomplished filmmaker. As a member of the International Documentary Association, he helmed a critically acclaimed documentary about Virginia Key Beach, the only public beach for blacks in south Florida. His work has been featured in such publications as the Hollywood Reporter and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. The film, which explored the history the beach and its future potential, helped spur the local community’s effort to launch a $40 million project to restore this extraordinary historic landmark.

On top of Barry’s already incredible success with print and motion picture media. Barrington has incredible (read: insanely expensive) taste in cologne and a penchant for imported bespoke suits. He continues to challenge himself with new and varying types of clientele, and to produce exceptional, award-winning design.

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