Barry Kayton

Business Owner in California

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I help companies radically improve their employees' performance by targeting their thinking processes, specifically the questions they need to ask to solve various kinds of challenges atwork,and to bring their practices in line with corporate strategy.

I believe people can learn anything if they just have the right tools to accelerate and optimize the learning process. Too much education and training tries to push content down people’s throats. It’s far more efficient and effective to draw out what people already know, and use this as a bridge to help them learn what they need to know to perform more effectively in their work.

In everything my team and I do, we believe in asking powerful questions. We believe that thinking is a process of sequential question-asking, that great thinkers are those who have learned to ask great questions, and that anyone can become a better thinker and improve their performance by learning to ask powerful questions.

We believe that to change people's behavior you need to change their minds. And we believe in changing minds, one question at a time.