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MARKETING STRATEGIST - Loyalty Marketing and Gamification Expert

Here's the thing...we don't really trust brands anymore. Not like we used to. As consumers, we trust each other. We trust strangers. But, corporations? Not so much.

That means connecting to consumers today requires a re-think that looks a lot more like cult loyalty, ritual making and selfie value.

Are you trying to figure out how to meaningfully engage and retain your best customers? I believe that begins with the understanding that "consumers are human beings first" and that "grokking your customers" is the only way to build true loyalty.

To put it more simply: start with empathy and shared values, then work out from there.

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WHAT I DO: Customer Retention Strategies | Loyalty Program Design & Consulting | Digital Marketing | Persuasive Design Workshops | Conference Speaking |

WHAT I USE TO DO IT: Data-driven Insight | Game Thinking | Neuroscience | Persuasive Design |

  • Work
    • VP of Loyalty Strategy - Maritz Motivation
  • Education
    • University of MO - Columbia, School of Journalism