Barry Klarberg

New York, New York, United States

Barry Klarberg is an accomplished business leader, wealth manager and franchise owner, with regular appearances on CNN, CNBC and The Wall Street Journal Report. As a double alumnus of Pace University, he holds his BBA and MS in Taxation. Furthering his passion for the institution, he served as an Adjunct Professor of Taxation from 1985 to 1989. Not one to slow down, Klarberg continues to add to an already long list of professional and philanthropic achievements.

Starting in 1981, Klarberg began an 11-year run with the professional service firm Deloitte. While there, Klarberg’s exceptional record earned him the company's National Director of Sports and Entertainment role. In 1992, he moved on to form KRT Business Management, a professional wealth management service that eventually sold to Assante Wealth Management Services. Later, Klarberg followed his KRT venture with a role as Guggenheim Partners Senior Managing Director.

Following his tenure at Guggenheim Partners, Klarberg went on to found Monarch Business & Wealth Management, a financial and life management company and family office where he is also CEO. The company represents numerous household names in sports and entertainment as well as other high-net-value individuals. Then in 2011, he expanded his portfolio by becoming a Limited Partner in the New York Yankees and Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network. Additionally, Klarberg went on to own stake in the Memphis Grizzlies (2012) and New York City FC (2013).

Out of the boardroom, Klarberg is an active philanthropist with varying endeavors that include the National Meningitis Association, the USO and Homeland Security's Federal Enforcement Foundation. In 2012, Klarberg and two of his sons received the highest honor awarded by the state of Kentucky, the Kentucky Colonel, for their service to the greater community.

Recently, his involvement with Pace University extended to include serving as one of The School of Businesses' "Lecturer in Residence,” delivering a commencement speech for 2015 graduates and receiving an honorary doctorate from the university. For more on Barry Klarberg’s business leadership, be sure to read his bookWinning Tax Strategies and Planning for Athletes and Entertainers.

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