Barry Lewis

Barry Lewis is the creator & host of a blog set-up by Barry after he wanted to teach himself how to cook. His inspiration came from watching a Jamie Oliver Christmas episode where he was poaching an egg as part of a larger gammon dish. Barry picked up a camcorder and put together a YouTube Channel and started uploading his attempts. Initially only starting as a hobby, cooking for Barry has gone from a fear to a passion, and now his career as he now makes videos full-time. Barry has featured in the Media since going full-time including The Times & Daily Mail UK, a feature on abc America's Nightline (Broadcast in USA, Canada, Japan & Australia), The Gadget Show UK, plus numerous Regional, National & International Radio interviews & Jamie Oliver's FoodTube Channel.

He has also carried out video requests for several large brands including Sainsburys, Dolmio & LoSalt.