Barry Little Sr

Civic minded, Harley riding Journeyman roofer that is very passionate about playing Drums Piano & Guitar. I'm honored to be invited to work for the public doing everything from Roofing to Flooring to music lessons, (no charge). I was lifted from the obsession to drink on 9/11/01. My lord saw me fit to father three children, and those children to Mother and Father a combined five more! I'm an under achiever and over-reactor. Jennifer Siarto Little passed i12/19/09. We divorced in 2005. Jennifer gave me more than I deserved. Today I'm a grateful hard working guy writing a bio in a few lines that tells you only what I want you to know. One last thing, I'm a licensed Legal expense agent for Pre Paid Legal services Inc. I actually made Director with the company, I quit in 2009, I got sick and tired of explaining the service which is Legal insurance that covers you, your sig other gay or not the Co. dosen't care, your kids her kids under 21. I pay $204.00 a year for 4 of us, it could be 10 it dosent matter, anyway for $17 a month if I get a traffic ticket, need a will, a demand letter yada yada Iv'e had it for 12 years, recently reinstated my Lic. but I'm not coming to your house kissin ass to have you ask me "is this one of those perimid schemes" the company is public eg:ppL on the NYSE. Just go to Just as I'm a Notary to serve the public this is somthing I can provide and also employ you but I'm not chasing ya around, if ya don't see the value thats cool with me. Thanks for stoppin by! Peace B.T.L Tel#(561)-541-7663/ if nothing else lets ride or bring your guitar over and we will sing a song.