Renovatio lucis

Pacific Northwest, United States

Maxium: Live life, best summarized by Cornell Woolrich - "A moment can be short as a breath, or as long as eternity"

Me: I've always created through imagery of one sort or another, but I've recently returned to what I've found quintessentially inspiring, and what I've found is that - relationships tie it all together.

Biz: Over the last twenty years my undertakings have been one form or another of creative, visual production. I recently returned to my first venture; photography. I've not settled to a niché because I enjoy creating within so many genrés. Derived from concept, the name, Renovatio Lucis, reflects my endavors within it's meaning; literally translating - Rebirth of Creativity.

Ramblings & Mantras: Techno Geek: capable of repairing my own iPhone, dangerous enough to brick it. Loss of right to complain results when nothing is done about it. And there's always time for coffee.

  • Work
    • photography
  • Education
    • One of those BA's, a minor, and the best educator of all - LIFE.