Barry Schutte

Bio Of Barry Schutte

On a personal note:

Like most of you Barry Schutte is just an ordinaryguy, with an extraordinary talent. He married the love of his life and is thefather of two beautiful girls, who thinks he is the “coolest dad” ever. Hisfamily means everything to him and they are his biggest driving force. Not onlyis he a very enthusiastic Blue Bulls supporter, he is passionate about making adifference in people and businesses.

“Mysingle focus in life, is to help others transform from good to great”

Barry Schutte is a Marketing &Brand specialist; NLP Practitioner; Business; executive & performancecoach; trainer and professional speaker. In short,Barry makes good business people and executives great.Barry started his career in marketing in a smalladvertising agency in the Heart of JHB, from where he climbed the corporateladder all the way up to management in one of SA’s largest media houses for anumber of years.Barryis also involved in Amplifier an onlinecommunication and marketing tool launched by world renowned RoyHawker; and Ralph van Dijk

Barry has been working hand in hand with thisgroup of world-leading authorities, to research and design the most effectiveadvertising strategies and develop and affordable marketing tool second tonone.

“Wewant to help David take on Goliath, the local business versus their nationalcompetitors. Our goal was to help Local Businesses continue to compete againstthe might of national businesses. While small businesses can purchase othermass media alongside their national competitors, the challenge with competitionon the digital platform is its requirement for both content and activitystrategies. The big boys have marketing departments to solve these problems.Amplifier is the solution to help local businesses achieve the content andactivity level required to compete successfully online”

His entrepreneurial spirit and passion formarketing and people eventually led him to start-up Peri-Peri media, anadvertising agency with a focus on both business and personal brands, whichallowed him more time to live out his passion, and share his knowledge.Peri-Peri media was simply the beginning, as Barry went on to establish anumber of highly successful businesses, like the Attivo group of companies;Grow seminars and most recently and Action Factory.Barry is a passionate and sought after speaker onvarious topics, including Marketing and branding; Social media; NLP formanagers and team leaders; Effective sales strate